Happy Birthday S!!

16 02 2010

It’s my older sister’s 22nd birthday today!! She’s in Vancouver right now with her boyfriend, but when she gets back we are going for a sushi feast!  The above picture is one of my favorites of the two of us. I’m on the right and she’s on the left. I hope you have an amazing birthday S!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2010

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I was NOT looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year, but now I am!! I’m going to hang out with two of my awesome girlfriends, Amanda and Kristin, and we’re going to drink wine, watch sappy movies and have dinner. It should be great! I hope everyone is having an awesome Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re doing!

The Time I Was “Arrested”

14 02 2010

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In July of 2006 I got a job at one of the big local grocery stores. Unfortunately I started right as the supervisor for my section was going on vacation, so my schedule was a mess. They don’t know who to put me with for training so my shifts kept getting switched or cancelled without my knowledge.

On one of these days I got to work, and found out that my shift had been cancelled. So I called my sister to come pick me up, but had an hour or so to kill before she could come. So I started wandering around the store, checking out makeup and flipping through books. I noticed that this guy was watching me, so I went down another aisle, and a minute later I saw him again. I knew he was following me when I went down an aisle and quickly turned around to see him right behind me. It was the middle of the afternoon on a weekday and the store was practically empty, so it was starting to creep me out. I went and double checked my schedule and then decided to leave and maybe go wait in the coffee shop down the street.

I walked through the automatic doors and out into the sunny July day, and was promptly grabbed by El Creepo from inside. He started to pull me towards the side of the building and instinct took over and I yelled at him to let me go and then starting kicking and punching him. He kept saying “You need to come with me.” I’m not a moron, so when a guy dressed in jeans and a t-shirt tries to grab me, I don’t just comply. So of course, I punched him in the face. Then he said “If you don’t come with me right now I’ll arrest you for resisting.” He chose this moment to finally identify himself as one of the security people at the store. I tried to tell him I work there, and he just kept saying he saw me stealing and I need to come with him. I knew I hadn’t so I went upstairs with him to his office.

Once we were up there he dumped out my bag which held my work uniform, my lunch, some makeup, my wallet and my cellphone. He stared at all the stuff for awhile and then held up a half-empty lip gloss with the label practically worn off and said something like “Do you think it’s okay to steal?” I don’t know if he was stupid or just embarrassed and trying to find something to pin on me, but he didn’t understand that I wouldn’t have been able to use half the lip gloss and wear the label down before exiting the store. At this point I asked him to please call the cops, because he had absolutely no reason to hold me there, but refused to let me go.

The cop, thankfully a very reasonable man, got there a few minutes later. He asked to speak to me alone and told me that they’d had a lot of trouble with this security guard (interesting named Wolfgang) grabbing people and coming up with nothing stolen. He asked me to come sit in the cop car for a minute while he ran my name just to satisfy the guy, and I agreed. Even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, sitting the back of a cop car really sucked, because all the people walking by and staring didn’t know that. After he ran my name and it came back clean, I was allowed to go.

Not long after I got a letter in the mail from the store saying I owed them $500 for disturbing the peace and having a negative impact on their customers. I was also banned from the store for 2 years. I really couldn’t believe their nerve.  I called the cop who was there that day and he told me to just ignore it, and that if it didn’t go away, I could file a complaint against them for what they did. I never heard anything else so I just let it go.

Even though it’s been almost four years I’ve never been back to the store. Not because I’m embarrassed or angry, but because I’m worried that if I ever saw that guy again (who still works there, according to a friend of mine) I’d beat the living hell out of him. And then I’d probably get arrested for real.

Ding Dong The Witch Is… Coming To Dinner

11 02 2010

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We have a tradition in my family of going out to dinner for birthdays, specifically mine and my sister’s. Even though my parents are divorced, they both come, along with their partners, and it’s great. We go to a nice restaurant and spend a couple of hours talking, reminiscing and telling old stories. I’ve always looked forward to these dinners. Until now.

Last year, my sister’s boyfriend came to both her dinner, and mine, which was great, since he’s a nice guy and fits in well. However, his mom also came to my sister’s dinner, and she’s, well, not great. And that’s putting it very nicely. The first time I met this woman she acted all nice at first, and then proceeded to act like I wasn’t there at all. She never looked at me, spoke to me, or even acknowledged anything I said. I didn’t hate her, but I wasn’t her biggest fan either. The other brief times I met her were the same. She’s someone who dominates conversations, talks over you, and needs to be the best and brightest.

At my sister’s dinner last year I didn’t speak more than two words to my sister, her boyfriend, or my dad because she wouldn’t stop talking. Or fawning over my father. It sucked and made for a very long dinner, but I still didn’t hate her.

Now I hate her. In November my sister had a minor operation and was in the hospital. My mom and I spent the day there with her, and at about 5pm, this woman came by to visit. I was sitting in a chair at the end of the bed, between the wall and the bed, but I thought there was enough room to get by behind me. Before she said a word to either my mom or I, she shoved her hand in my face and started waving it and said “Come on, come on, come on. Move!” I moved out of her way immediately, but it took me a little longer to pick my jaw up off the floor. I’m not sure why she felt it so beyond her to say “Excuse me” or “Could I please get by you”, but apparently she did. She didn’t say a word to me for the rest of the time she was there.

Now, it’s not like she punched me in the face or cursed me out, but it was still rude and completely unnecessary. I was raised to be polite and kind to people, whether it’s family or strangers. Maybe she wasn’t, but that’s no excuse.

Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to seeing her at dinner on Friday. I’ve been wondering how I should handle the situation. I have absolutely no use for her, and I will admit, I still have some anger over the incident. This is how I see it. I can either….

A. Let her dominate the entire dinner…again, and just sit quietly and be miserable.

B. Talk as much as I want, refusing to let her interrupt me or talk over me, but potentially risk being seen as rude.

C. Get absolutely plastered and just ride the wave of inebriation

OR….and this is my favorite option…

D. Follow her into the bathroom, lock her in a stall, and tell everyone she went home sick.

Obviously I wouldn’t actually lock her in the bathroom, but option C is looking pretty shiny.

I’m just going to try to make the best of it. I’m not going to be rude to her, but I’m also not going to let her hijack the dinner and make everyone else miserable. Hopefully all goes well. Wish me luck.

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Someone Hit The Panic Button

10 02 2010

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I lost quite a bit of weight last year, but gained some of it back over the holidays and the winter months in general. Up until a few days ago I had been mostly avoiding my scale, mainly out of fear.

Yesterday, I decided to step on, and after seeing the number staring back at me, I’m surprised I didn’t faint. It wasn’t a small gain like I had expected, but somewhere around a 22lb gain. I immediately panicked, trying to figure out what had done it. My eating hasn’t been great, but in order to pack on at least 10 of those pounds in the last week I would have to be eating nonstop, which I don’t. And I haven’t been exercising nearly as often as I should, but I’m still pretty active.

So I went on the offensive and started chugging water like crazy. My body has a tendency to retain water weight, especially when my diet is higher in sodium, which it has been. And nothing does the trick like good old water. I also know that my body is preparing for it’s monthly visitor, which always guarantees me another couple of pounds of bloat.

When the morning rolled around, I stepped on the scale, naked and after going to the bathroom, and was very pleasantly surprised. It looks like the gain is around the 10lbs mark, not 22, which is much less horrifying. And the truth is, when I started class in September, my routine went out the window. My eating and exercise habits weren’t horrible, but I wasn’t doing everything I should. And then once finals rolled around, all hell broke loose. I was up all night studying, eating junk, and then celebrating a little too much when they were over.

The good news? This is a wake up call. I know what can happen in just a couple of months if I let myself slip. I need to stick to a routine. I need to be accountable. Right now that means keeping a food diary and getting some exercise every day. Hopefully I’ll see a difference on the scale soon.]

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Winter Wonderland

9 02 2010

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This is pretty much what my world looks like right now. Covered in beautiful white snow. Gorgeous, but ridiculously cold. I hate the cold feet, bundling up in 5 layers just to go get the mail, and how everything is white, or gray, depending on the day. Unfortunately for me I live in Canada, so this is what 6 months out of the year is like.

During the winter I never want to leave the house, preferring to stay bundled up in bed or in front of a crackling fire. Luckily I have all next week off of school for reading week, and my plans include anything where I don’t have to stand outside.

I often day dream about moving somewhere warm, like California or Hawaii and only coming back for Christmas. But then there are those absolutely beautiful days, where the pine trees are covered in frost and the snow is fresh and sparkles in the sun, and I never want to leave.

Half Ass Friday Night

6 02 2010

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My Friday night was obviously ridiculously exciting. I ordered sushi, watched movies and hung out with *Elmo.

Usually my Friday nights are filled with cheap beer, quarters, and a lot of friends. But every once in awhile I really like just being by myself, stuffing my face with delicious sushi, catching up on reading, and watching copious amounts of really bad reality television.

Today I almost had a heart attack when I checked the mail. There were two letters from the enrollment office of the University I applied to. I was so engrossed at trying to employ x-ray vision and see what was inside that I’m lucky I wasn’t hit by a car as I walked back home. I anxiously opened the envelope and pulled out a letter…acknowledging my application. Seriously? Seriously?! Way to get me all excited for nothing. Oh well. Excitement, however brief, is good.

The sushi place I order from never fails to amuse me with their receipts. Something I frequently order is the Half Order of Assorted Sashimi. Innocent enough, but it shows up on the receipt as Half Ass Sashimi. It makes me wonder if they haven’t noticed, don’t care, or find it as amusing as I do.

Anyways… back to my movie. Hope everyone is having a good Friday night!

*Elmo is my cat. Not the Sesame Street character.

*Image via PicApp