Half Ass Friday Night

6 02 2010

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=sushi&iid=5067672″ src=”c/f/1/d/Closeup_of_Nigiri_2197.jpg?adImageId=9961191&imageId=5067672″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

My Friday night was obviously ridiculously exciting. I ordered sushi, watched movies and hung out with *Elmo.

Usually my Friday nights are filled with cheap beer, quarters, and a lot of friends. But every once in awhile I really like just being by myself, stuffing my face with delicious sushi, catching up on reading, and watching copious amounts of really bad reality television.

Today I almost had a heart attack when I checked the mail. There were two letters from the enrollment office of the University I applied to. I was so engrossed at trying to employ x-ray vision and see what was inside that I’m lucky I wasn’t hit by a car as I walked back home. I anxiously opened the envelope and pulled out a letter…acknowledging my application. Seriously? Seriously?! Way to get me all excited for nothing. Oh well. Excitement, however brief, is good.

The sushi place I order from never fails to amuse me with their receipts. Something I frequently order is the Half Order of Assorted Sashimi. Innocent enough, but it shows up on the receipt as Half Ass Sashimi. It makes me wonder if they haven’t noticed, don’t care, or find it as amusing as I do.

Anyways… back to my movie. Hope everyone is having a good Friday night!

*Elmo is my cat. Not the Sesame Street character.

*Image via PicApp




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