The Boys Are Too Refined

3 05 2010

Sad day. One of my best friends Cody moved away today. It was sudden, and while it’s a great opportunity for him and I’m really happy for that, I’m also really sad. I managed to hold it together most of the day, but once I was inside my house I couldn’t stop a few of the tears that had been welling up in the corners of my eyes all day.

To make it even worse, Cody’s best friend/my ex and close friend Zach (who I talked about before), decided that since Cody is leaving, it’s his time to get out of here too, and in a month he’s moving 6 hours away.

I hate change, and it caught me so off guard to suddenly not have my two best friends here. It doesn’t help that it’s that time of the month and I’m already emotional. Seriously sad day.

That is all.




One response

9 05 2010

im sorry that happened… stay positive. you will get through this, deep breaths. love love sent your way.

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