Someone Hit The Panic Button

10 02 2010

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I lost quite a bit of weight last year, but gained some of it back over the holidays and the winter months in general. Up until a few days ago I had been mostly avoiding my scale, mainly out of fear.

Yesterday, I decided to step on, and after seeing the number staring back at me, I’m surprised I didn’t faint. It wasn’t a small gain like I had expected, but somewhere around a 22lb gain. I immediately panicked, trying to figure out what had done it. My eating hasn’t been great, but in order to pack on at least 10 of those pounds in the last week I would have to be eating nonstop, which I don’t. And I haven’t been exercising nearly as often as I should, but I’m still pretty active.

So I went on the offensive and started chugging water like crazy. My body has a tendency to retain water weight, especially when my diet is higher in sodium, which it has been. And nothing does the trick like good old water. I also know that my body is preparing for it’s monthly visitor, which always guarantees me another couple of pounds of bloat.

When the morning rolled around, I stepped on the scale, naked and after going to the bathroom, and was very pleasantly surprised. It looks like the gain is around the 10lbs mark, not 22, which is much less horrifying. And the truth is, when I started class in September, my routine went out the window. My eating and exercise habits weren’t horrible, but I wasn’t doing everything I should. And then once finals rolled around, all hell broke loose. I was up all night studying, eating junk, and then celebrating a little too much when they were over.

The good news? This is a wake up call. I know what can happen in just a couple of months if I let myself slip. I need to stick to a routine. I need to be accountable. Right now that means keeping a food diary and getting some exercise every day. Hopefully I’ll see a difference on the scale soon.]

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11 02 2010

It is amazing how quickly bad habits can get you. Just remind yourself how long it will typically take to lose that last 10 lbs. Nothing is more motivating than time wasted.


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