Right Now I’d Eat My Own Hand

15 04 2010

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Hi everyone! Thanks for all the comments while I was sick! They made me feel so much better. 🙂

I thought I was doing better on Tuesday and went for a two mile run. Baaad idea. I hadn’t had nearly enough water/fluids, or food throughout the day. But I’m doing great now. I think the sickness was mostly do to my extracurricular activities on the weekend. I don’t drink much. Partly because a lot of my close friends have moved away over the last year, and partly because I know drinking and weight loss don’t go hand in hand. But every once in awhile…a girl has to have some fun.

On Friday I hung out with my friends Cody and Zach, played poker for shots of rye (yuck) and eventually fell asleep on their couch. Saturday was pretty much the same, except Lane (their other roommate), and Matt came too. More poker…beer… something called Newfie poker. All of that equals Jen being somewhat tipsy. I didn’t eat anything either night, mostly because it’s a house full of boys and all they seem to eat is Kraft Dinner. Seriously… there was nothing in their fridge besides beer… but they had a cupboard full of like five different kinds of Kraft Dinner. I hate Kraft Dinner.

I took a few pictures on Saturday night of Cody and Matt attempting to build card towers while intoxicated… Matt did really well, but I don’t want to post his picture without asking him, and none of my friends know about the blog, so…. no picture. But… I do have one picture that I think is really cool. I was trying to take a picture of Cody (which he didn’t want me to do), so he’s not actually in the picture. I just think the beer bottle looks really weird… almost cartoonish, and I think it’s cool.

In other news… my eating over the weekend wasn’t fantastic, so I decided to do a detox of sorts. I started yesterday and I’m doing it today for sure, maybe tomorrow as well. Basically I’m just eating raw fruits and vegetables, smoothies (with some added yogurt), and apparently almonds. They weren’t in the plan, but at about 11 last night I was craving carbs like crazy and really wanted to eat about 6 english muffins. Instead I had 10 almonds.

The point of this is to jump start my body. I’ve had less than stellar weight loss the past couple of weeks, and except for last weekend, my eating and exercise have been great, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Even if this doesn’t kick off any great weight loss, how bad can eating fruits and veggies be? I took some pictures of my lunch today…

Clockwise from top left: Yellow bell pepper, pineapple, strawberry, apple, cucumber

Smoothie with lots of ice, strawberries, two bananas, vanilla + peach yogurt. This is half of it. The other half is in the fridge for later. It was really good. However… I’m still feeling like I want to eat my own hand. And I can’t even look at food without wanting to eat it. I was trying to watch Top Chef earlier… no go.

The biggest test of this will come later tonight… My mom is going to The Keg with my sister for dinner, and she usually always brings me left overs. I love the food there so much, but I’m almost hoping she doesn’t bring anything. But I guess if I can ignore the english muffins on the counter, tofu, my favorite meatless buffalo wings, soup, chicken dumplings, etc, I can ignore some leftovers for a little while. Oh lord, now I’m hungry again.

I have to weigh in tomorrow for a challenge, so I guess that will be a good indicator of how this is going. I didn’t weigh in on Monday because of the sickness, but I would guess that I was probably around 198. Granted, a lot of that was most likely water weight, but a huge chunk of it was alcohol and crap eating too. We shall see.

Happy Thursday everyone! Funny story… I woke up this morning and thought it was Saturday. Maybe the fruit is messing with my brain.




2 responses

15 04 2010

I’m glad to hear you’re starting to feel better…those fruits and veggies look fantastic!! Taking pics of your food goes a long ass way in keeping you accountable, lol….I’ve definitely found that out in the last 2 weeks. Drink lots and lots of water to flush all the crap out of your system, and those weigh-ins will get right back on track! 🙂

17 04 2010

lunch looked delicious! 10 almonds is a much MUCH better choice than 6 english muffins lol! Resturant food is PACKED with calories, even the salads manage to be 700+ calories! Stay away if you can, if not have just a teeny bit. Good luck at the weigh in!! 🙂

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