Alive And Kicking

8 04 2010

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I’m still  here. For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to refocus and remember that it’s about the big picture, not one week, no matter how good or bad. I’m still doing fine with eating, though I sometimes wonder if it may be the issue that is keeping the weight from coming off. I spend a lot of time contemplating whether I’m eating too much or too little, too much fat, protein, carbs, sodium, or too little fruits and vegetables. I know that all calories are not created equal, and I sometimes feel uneasy about what I eat, and how much. I think that in the coming weeks I might make an appointment with a nutritionist so I can pinpoint any problems with my eating and fix them.

I know I should switch up my workout routine, but I have such a hard time doing it. I love running. It’s challenging, it’s an outlet for stress, and it makes me feel really good. I have a tendency to neglect every other exercise except for running  because it’s really the only thing I want to do. But in the next week I’ll definitely be incorporating some other activities.

I said I was going to post my weigh in on Tuesday, but I didn’t. I weighed myself that morning and it was basically the same. I still have the picture from Monday on my camera, but I just don’t feel like posting it. I’ll probably just combine it with my next weigh in and post both pictures on Monday.

I hope everyone is having a good week!




2 responses

9 04 2010

Hey girl!!! Don’t forget to pop over to my blog today for our first weigh-in of the challenge!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

11 04 2010

Well, I am with you. I just hired a trainer because I need someone to give me something new and exciting. I need confuse Ethel and send her for a loop!!

Maybe you need to do the same? If not a trainer, maybe a workout buddy who can change some stuff up for you?


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