Unexpected Workout

24 03 2010

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=german+shepherd&iid=7819807″ src=”0/7/d/b/Historic_snow_storm_8357.JPG?adImageId=11642906&imageId=7819807″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

So, it’s lunch time and I’m standing in my kitchen making veggie wraps (yum!), when I see my neighbor’s dog go running down the back alley and out to the street. I looked at their yard and no one was outside and nobody seemed to notice him escape, so being the dog loving person that I am, I put on my flip flops and ran outside. It took me a good ten minutes to finally catch him because he apparently thought we were playing a game. I eventually had to pick him up and walk with him back to their house. He’s not huge by any means, he’s only about 8 months old, but he’s a German Shepherd and I would guess he weighs about 25-30lbs. Between carrying him and running after him I got a pretty good workout. And now I want a puppy. Lol.

My furnace was fixed yesterday afternoon, so I ended up going for a run after I watched The Biggest Loser. Nothing makes you feel lazy like watching people bigger than you ride 26.2 miles on a bike. I’m undecided about what to do for exercise today. I want to go for another run, but my right calf/shin is kind of sore, and I’m always afraid of pushing it since I’ve had shin splints before, and they were not fun. I might do yoga, it would definitely help stretch me out. If only my cat would leave me alone while I do it. Any sort of downward dog type pose and she feels the need to run under me and flop over onto her side. I guess if nothing else it’s motivation to not collapse because I would crush her.

Happy Wednesday! I definitely wrote Tuesday first. I apparently don’t know what day it is. 🙂




2 responses

25 03 2010

You are such a nice neighbor. I’m sure your unexpected workout was greatly appreciated.
Your cat sounds like my dog. Whenever I do yoga, she circles around me and over the mat and gives me sniffs and kisses. She also pops her head in and out of the room when I am working out.
Silly pets.

25 03 2010

Aww thanks! 🙂 Your dog sounds adorable. Gotta love the quirks of our pets 🙂

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