Weigh In: Week 3

22 03 2010

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=weight+loss&iid=266776″ src=”0263/c87b7cad-7602-4ffa-8a87-da8ba1a9f48e.jpg?adImageId=11285122&imageId=266776″ width=”380″ height=”254″ /]

I was not looking forward to this weigh in. Don’t get me wrong, I did everything I was supposed to this week. I tracked all of my calories, ran four times, drank a lot of water. But I felt really bloated all week. I thought I would see maybe a 1lb loss, but more likely no loss, or even a slight gain. I just felt huge. That feeling was probably because of eating more salt, but it lasted for a really long time, and I was very discouraged. However, like a good little blogger I got up this morning and weighed myself. And fortunately, I’m happy to say I was wrong! 🙂

Whoo hoo! Down another 2.5lbs to 196.5! It’s less than I was hoping for this week, but as long as I’m still losing, I’m happy.

I also took my measurements again this week, and I’m pretty happy with those results too. I take measurements on my chest, waist and hips, all of them at the biggest parts. I last took them two weeks ago, on March 8…

Chest – March 8: 39.5″ March 22: 39″ = Down .5″

Waist – March 8: 39″ March 22: 37.5″ = Down 1.5″

Hips – March 8: 44.5″ March 22: 43″ = Down 1.5″

Total Lost: 3.5″

I can live with that 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Monday!




2 responses

22 03 2010

congrats on your loss! your toes look great. 🙂

23 03 2010
Chibi Jeebs

Congrats on the loss and welcome to the Healthy You Challenge! 🙂

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