While I Catch My Breath

17 03 2010

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I read a lot of blogs. Specifically, blogs about weight loss, healthy eating and an active lifestyle. The other day I read a blog post on one of my favorite blogs about Interval Training. Basically what it is and alternating intense exercise with moderate exercise for a certain amount of time. You can do 30 second intervals, 60 second intervals or whatever time increment you choose.

Tonight, because I apparently felt like torturing myself, I decided I would try the interval workout. My workout consisted of intervals alternating 60 seconds of running at 6mph and 60 seconds of walking at 4mph. I found it very challenging and had to stop for a few seconds a couple of times to drink some water and will away the cramp in my side that did not RSVP for the party but showed up anyways. Jerk. I’ve never felt that exhausted after only 30 minutes, but it felt really good. It’s nice to know that when I’m short on time, or patience, I can do a quick workout that packs a lot of punch. Has anyone else tried interval training? What did you think?




One response

17 03 2010

Hey girl good luck with the weight loss! You can do it. Sounds like some good interval training, keep it up! If it works for you do it! I hope you stay motivated 🙂 Have a great Thursday!

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