Now You Can Say You Learned 5 Things Today

28 01 2010

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If you’re going to read this blog (and you are, right? RIGHT??) then there are some things you should know about me. While they aren’t technically pertinent, they may give you some insight into the mind behind the veil of zeros and ones. Or not.

1. I have a very sarcastic, acerbic sense of humor. And it comes with no apologies, so I’m not recommended for the easily offended. And no, I did not intend for that to rhyme.

2. I’m an overachiever. I like to be the best at everything, and I hate it when I’m not. But I’m even worse when I am. I have yet to find the middle ground where I am happy, and satisfied with my accomplishments. It probably doesn’t exist.

3. I’m unbelievably messy. And I always have been. I hate it. I’m embarrassed about it, and I’m constantly working on changing it. I definitely believe that the chaos in my environment contributes to my stress and anxiety. I haven’t been able to get it under control yet, but I’m trying.

4. My past isn’t shiny. I didn’t kill anybody. I’ve never been in jail. But it’s not pretty. I finally have my life together and am doing good things, but I still have a lot of residual guilt and anger. Sometimes it chooses weird times to come out. You’ve been warned.

5. I can be kind of flaky. I’m easily distracted and often forgetful. So if I’m a no show for a few weeks, I’m probably not dead, just otherwise amused. But you should probably check the obits just to be safe.

I guess that’s it for now… I would say that I’ll add to this list in the future, but that’s unlikely.

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